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The Poet and the Poem 2022-23 Series

Eduardo C. Corral
Carmen Calatayud

Susana H. Case

Joan K. Selby

Abdul Ali

Kwame Alexander

Diane Wilbon Parks

fahima ife

Nancy Arbuthnot

Majda Gama

Cathy Hailey

Henry Mills

Joseph Fasano

Quique Aviles

Ryler Dustin

David Lehman

Wayne Karlin &
Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai


Jean Nordhaus

The Poet and the Poem 2022-23 Series

Katherine J. Williams

Daniel Pravda

Sally Wen Mao

Evie Shockley

Jennifer Homans

James J. Patterson

The Song In the Room: Six Women Poets

Terence Winch

William Heath

Terry Edmonds

Deanna Nikaido

Hailey Leithauser

Danny Queen

Rachel Pastan

David Keplinger

Jane Clarke

Dr. Tonee Moll

Susan Okie

Truth Thomas

Greg McBride

Edgar Kunz

Andrew Wong &
Lai Fong Wong

Laura Shovan

The Poet and the Poem 2022-23 Series

Eva Brann

Kondwani Fidel

George Ella Lyon

Vailes Shepperd

Miho Kinnas

Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Annie Finch

Samuel Peralta

Melvin E. Brown

Stewart Moss

Barbara Quick

Kim B Miller

Barbara Goldberg

Laura Costas

Kira Thurman

Joel Dias Porter

Esperanza Hope Snyder

Pat Valdata

Taylor Johnson

Maria Lisella

John Berry

Minnie Bruce Pratt

Daniel Mark Epstein

Ada Limón

Marita Golden

Avideh Shashaani

Joyce Kornblatt

Mary Morris

Pamela Woolford

Heid E. Erdrich


W. Luther Jett

Tim Seibles

Shara McCallum

Frank X Walker

Patti (Spady) Ross

Sunu P. Chandy

Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

Merrill Leffler

Hiram Larew


The Poet and the Poem 2021-22 Series

Ocean Vuong

Terence Winch

Lenard D. Moore

John Doe

Jerry Ward

Henry Crawford

Didi Menendez

Francisco Aragón

Tom Kirlin

Jona Colson and
Caroline Bock

Jehanne Dubrow

Miles David Moore

Maggie Doherty

Cornelius Eady

Paul Bartlett

Y.S. Fing

Teri Ellen Cross Davis

Sandra Beasley

Fleda Brown

Jeanne Murray Franklin

Rion Amilcar Scott

Jiwon Choi

Lenny DellaRocca

David Keplinger

Sandra Yannone

Willie Perdomo

J.P. Dancing Bear

Anne Harding Woodworth

Richard Harteis
& Tom Veys

Thomas Sayers Ellis

The Poet and the Poem 2020-21 Series

Barbara DeCesare

The Write Blend
Poetry Collective

Pamela Murray Winters

Shirley J. Brewer

Garrett J. Brown

Temple Cone

Lauren K. Alleyne

Doritt Carroll

Yao Hoke Glover III

Meg Eden

George Bilgere

Robert Earl Price

Robert Earl Price

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

Andrew McConnell Stott

Jody Bolz

Dr. Monifa A. Love

Jericho Brown

Jose Padua

Ann Bracken

Jesse N. Alexander

Jeffrey Coleman

Carolyn Joyner

Barbara Quick

Linda Joy Burke

Kim Roberts

Mecca Verdell

John O'Dell

Ned Balbo

Carolyn Forché

The Poet and the Poem 2020 Series

Panna Naik

Joanna Howard

Lisa Vihos

Fatemeh Keshavarz

Steve Leyva

Seema Reza

Judith Farr

Susan Orlean

Nancy Mitchell

celeste doaks

Robert Ertman

Joy Harjo

Natwar Gandhi

Mervyn Taylor

Jane Clarke

Rob Richmond

The Poet and the Poem 2019 Series

Dr. Xuhua Liang

Chad Frame

Erica Wright

David Gewanter

Wendy Lesser

Marcus Jackson

Michael Lally

Nin Andrews

Linda Pastan

Kyle Dargan

Virginia Smith

Kim Roberts

Abhay K.

Geraldine Connolly

Bob Hicok

George Bilgere

Jeannine M. Pitas

Jorie Graham

Lesley Nneka Arimah

Poets Commemorate China's Nanking Massacre

Arielle Saiber

The Poet and the Poem 2018 Series

Zeina Hashem Beck

Sherwin Bitsui

Linda Rodriguez
George Wallace
Bojan Louis
Margo Jefferson
Anna Lawton
Lauren Camp
Diane Wilbon Parks
Rachel Corbett
Patrick Washington
Mike Maggio
Holly Bass
Terry Blackhawk
Frank X Walker
Shauna Morgan
Tracy K Smith
Matthew Hittinger
Platos Symposium
Fleda Brown
Eli Gottlieb
Reuben Jackson
Kevin Gordon
Emily Fragos
Sandra Evans Falconer
The Poet & the Poem 2017 Featured Poets for the 40th Anneversary
The Literary Review
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Harteis' Appreciation of Cavalieri's "Other Voices, Other Lives."
Jim Reese
Mark McMorris
E. Ethelbert Miller
Collective Voices
Elizabeth Hazen
Judith McCombs
Joseph Ross
Hayes Davis
Indran Amirthanayagam
Evie Shockley
Dai Sil Kim-Gibson
Barbara Goldberg
Nancy Carlson
Hope Snyder
Laura Shovan
I Gave You My Work, Gilbert
Don't Undersell Yourself
You Can't Start The Spiritual Journey
The Protest
Going South
Two by Two
This Is
Washington Independant Review
Podcast from WPFW-FM
"The Man Who Got Away"
Geoffrey Himes
The December
A Review by
Sonja James
Review of Wicked Stage
by Daniela Gioseff
Fund for the Future of Children "Emerging Voices in Poetry"
Interviews with
U.S. Poets Laureate
Interviews with Significant Poets
Currency of the Heart
An Interview with Grace Cavalieri
Scene4 Magazine
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Collective Voices Member Bios

Featured Poet Jim Reese

Click here for collective voices radio edit.mp3
Click here for collective voices web edit.mp3

Photo of Sistah JoySistah Joy Founder of Collective Voices, the Washington, DC-based ensemble of poets, is known for her poems of social-consciousness. She has performed her poetry with her groups and as a solo artists throughout the U.S. and in London, England. Sistah Joy is also co-founder of the poetry groups, Sounds of Empowerment; Poets and Artists for Obama, and the Poetry & Jazz performance ensemble, Lyrical Rhythmz. Sistah Joy is the author of 3 books: Lord I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can, This Garden Called Life, and From Pain to Empowerment The Fabric of My Being. She is currently working on her fourth book, Midnight Rainbows, which she hopes to release in 2017. In June of 2002, Sistah Joy received the Poet Laureate's Special Award in recognition for her contributions and those of her group, Collective Voices, to the city of Washington, DC and to its poetry community. Host and Co-producer of the award-winning cable television program "Sojourn with Words", Sistah Joy also serves as President of the Poetry Ministry and Poet Laureate of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church in Fort Washington, MD. She also serves as Poet-in-Residence at the Prince George's County-based, Annie's Art Gallery, where she hosts a monthly free family-friendly Poetry Open Mic Night from 6-9 PM on 3rd Thursdays. She served as poetry editor for ACE-Dialogue literary magazine throughout its 5 year run. Sistah Joy is available for performances, arts program coordinating, consulting and book-signings. Sample writings and additional information about Sistah Joy and her work as a poet and literary activist are on line at, on Facebook or on her archival website Contact Sistah Joy at P. O. Box 44353, Washington, DC 20026 or via email at

Photo of Ladi DiLadi Di Sylvia Dianne Beverly native of SE Washington, D.C. and alumni of Anacostia H.S. and The University of District of Columbia. She is an nternationally acclaimed poet, presenting poetry In Brixton, London, England, at the Lewisham Theater. A collection of her work is housed at George Washington University's Gelman Library. She is a member of A Splendid Wake, Gelman Library, George Washington University.
Also, she has been featured at Smithsonian's Museum of History, African Arts Museum, Hirshorn Museum and other Smithsonians. Ladi Di, as she is affectionately called, is a founding member of the poetry ensemble "Collective Voices" and has presented at many schools, libraries, churches, radio stations and television stations. Also, she is a founding member of the Anointed PENS (Poets Empowered to Nurture Souls) Poetry Ministry, of Ebenezer AME Church, an alum of Poets in Progress with Poet Laureate of District of Columbia Dolores Kendrick, she is Facilitator of Poetry Club at Harmony Hall Regional Center, Poetry Facilitator for Concrete Rose Youth Modeling Group and a member of Marian P. Hymes Drama Production and Ministry. Ladi Di is Founder/director of Girls and Boys with Hearts youth poetry group. She is author of three books (Forever In Your Eyes, Cooking Up South and Poetry from Our Hearts). Ladi Di is also called "Love Poet", and loves to teach and share. The late Dr Maya Angelou is her hero. She is the proud Matriarch of her family. Ladi Di is available for presentation at your next celebration.

Photo of BernardoBrenardo is essentially the ingredient that makes Collective Voices new in comparison to the group's beginning. The first male to ever grace this ensemble, his addition brings not only a masculine essence but his additional talents of singing, acting, choreography and a keen focus on the link between politics and social construct. Born as Andre' Brenardo Taylor, on the 25th of May, in the year 1955 he has been writing poems and songs for two thirds of his life. Listeners have called him preacher, prophet, historian, revolutionary, troubadour. Four decades of writing provide abundant testimony. Brenardo's journey as a songwriter led him to a cafZ? in 1996 where he encountered 'Spoken Word', and the poet in him began to flourish. Since then he has performed in venues alongside Tonya Marie Matthews, (Ja Hipsta) Reggie (Love Jones) Gibson, Gayle Danley, Saul Williams, and a host of other renown poets, such as Sonya Sanchez & Amiri Baraka. Over the years Brenardo's stellar performances as a guest poet and MC with Collective Voices eventually led to his inclusion as a member. Other affiliations with group members such as The Anointed P.E.N.S. most likely helped to garner this most natural fit. Among other crowning achievements for Brenardo he counts opening for activist Dick Gregory @ the G.A.O.'s 'Blacks in Government', Heritage and Horizons program, being one of the longest active members of 'Poets in Progress' a group under the leadership of D.C. Poet Laureate Dolores Kendrick, and also being a co-founder of Poets And Artists For Obama. Ventures into the community, have seen Brenardo actively involved in presentations and workshops for children & adults in the area school systems, and as a regular ambassador to Jamaica for the Read Across Jamaica Foundation . He can be contacted for inquiry of his availability online , or as 'Brenardo Taylor' on Facebook.